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DECREE N ° 2013/112 OF April 22, 2013
Organizing the Ministry of External Relations

DECRET N° 2013/112 DU 22 avril 2013
Portant organisation du Ministère des Relations Extérieures

The mission of the Minister of External Relations is to ensure the implementation of the foreign relations policy decided by the President of the Republic.
As such, he is responsible for:
- relations with foreign States, International Organizations and other subjects of
the international community ;
- protection of Cameroonian nationals and interests abroad;
- management of the careers of diplomatic personnel.
Besides :
- it collects and disseminates information relating to the
Foreign States and International Organizations which could facilitate the action of the services
- it contributes to informing foreign governments, their public opinion, as well as
International Organizations with regard to political, economic development,
social and cultural heritage of Cameroon, in conjunction with the Ministry of Communication.

The Ministry

  • Ministry of External Relations,
  • 703, Street 1025 Hippodrome
  • B.P. 18 Yaoundé 1st
  • TEL: + (237) 222 20 30 27,
  • Email: