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Administrative procedures


  • Birth Certificate
    • Original Birth Certificate  
    • Certified copy
    • Certified photocopy of the slip
    • Attestation of existence of the slip
    • Photocopy of the certified copy
    • Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

    N.B : For the Belgian Embassy, the Records must be certified in the town halls of origin.

  • Birth certificate with: Reconstitution Judgement – Additional Judgement – Legitimacy Judgement - short judgement - Declaration of Recognition of child born out of wedlock

    Provide the original and the photocopy of the said judgment. 

    NB :for the Embassy of Belgium, provide the certified copy of the judgment or the certified copy of the declaration of recognition of a child born out of wedlock.

  • Marriage Certificate
    • Certified copy
    • Publication of banns
    • Certificate of no opposition (marriages between nationals and expatriates)
    • Matrimonial status of the expatriate spouse justified by a single status certificate, a divorce decree, or a death certificate of the spouse or any other equivalent document ;
    • Photocopy of the passport (identification pages and visa, entry and exit stamp of the border police corresponding to the period of the marriage.
    • Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)
  • Death Certificate
    • Certified copy of the death certificate
    • Certificate of type of death signed by a Physician or any other authority who ascertained the death,
    • Certified photocopy of the slip
    • Certificate of existence of the slip
    • Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)
  • Bulletin No. 3 of the Criminal Record (B3)
    • Photocopy of Bulletin No.3
    • Photocopy of the Birth Certificate or National Identity card used for the Criminal Record issuance

     (This document shall be drawn up at the Legal Department of the applicant's place of birth)

    NB : Only Cameroonians born outside and in the English-speaking Regions are authorised to establish their B3 at the Ministry of Justice.

  • Bulletin No.3 of the Criminal Record issued to expatriates residing in Cameroon by the Ministry of Justice
    • Photocopy of the B3
    • Photocopy of the Passport or Residence Permit
    • Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)
  • Diplomas, Testimonials, Transcripts, Report Cards, School Certificates

    French-speaking Sub-system

    1)- Examinations organised by the Cameroon Baccalaureate Board

    Authenticate photocopies of diplomas, transcripts or Attestations of Results at MINESUP, Department of Authentication and of Certification, stamp the certified copies, then photocopy. For transcripts or Attestations of Results of sessions of more than three years, the original Diploma is required.

    2)- Examinations organised by MINESEC (Ministry of Secondary Education)

    Authenticate the photocopies of Diplomas or Attestations of Results at MINESEC or in the Regional and Divisional Delegations

    •  Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

    English-speaking sub-system

    Confirmation of results (mandatory for results slip) stamped and photocopy or certified copy of the original Diploma,  

    • stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F) ,

    State Universities

    • Authentication of the copy by the issuing Academic Authorities stamped and photocopy.

    Private Higher Education Institutions under the supervision of State Universities

    • Authentication of documents is done by the Supervising Universities.

    Private Universities and Institutes

    • Authentication of copies by the academic authorities of these Universities
    • Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)
  • National Diplomas of Higher Education BTS, HND, DSEP...

    Authentication of the copy by MINESUP, photocopy and Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

  • National Identity Card, Passport

    Certified copy at a police station, photocopy, and stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

  • Copy of Judgment, Copy, Certificate of No Appeal, Judgement Notification

    Authentication by a Bailiff with territorial jurisdiction, or copy certified by the Registrar of the Court concerned, photocopy, Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

  • Power of Attorney

    Certified copy of the Warrant's ID card photocopy of the Proxy's ID card or passport, Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

  • Single Status Certificate

    Draw up the Single Status Certificate at the Town Hall of the place of birth, certify the National IDs of the witnesses, photocopy of the ID Card or the Birth Certificate of the person concerned, photocopy of the Certificate of Celibacy, Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F).

  • Parental Authorisations

    Legalize the parental authorizations in a Police Station (one authorization for each parent), certified copies of the parents' National ID Card, originals and photocopies of the children's birth certificates, stamped application (1,000 CFA F)

  • Affidavit of Support

    Legalize the Affidavit of Support in a Police Station, photocopy of the Birth Certificate, Bank Statements of the Sponsor, certified copy of his or her National ID Card, enrolment or pre-registration in a university abroad, Stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F)

  • Business documents

    Original of the Tax Clearance Certificate, original of the Taxpayer's Card, original of the Trade Register and photocopies, or certified copies of the said documents, stamped application.

  • Driving Licence

    Authentication by the Ministry of Transport (production form) of the licence, certified copy of the original, photocopies, stamped handwritten application (1,000 CFA F).

  • Medical Certificate

    Stamped medical certificate, photocopy and stamped application (1,000 CFA F).

  • Police Clearence Certificate (PCC)

    Draw up the PCC at the Directorate General of the Judicial Police or in one of the Regional Judicial Delegations, stamp and photocopy of the passport, the ID Card or the Birth Certificate, stamped application.

  • Income Statement

    Draw up the Income Statement at the Tax Office, stamp, photocopy, certified copy of the Taxpayer's ID card,

The Ministry

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