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The Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Cameroon would like to bring to the attention of all Diplomatic Missions, International Organisations and Consular Posts, some measures taken by Government and CAF, as follow:

1 - Visa Issuance Procedure

In order to ensure AFCON resounding success, and to afford for all officials and football supporters worldwide the possibility to watch these games live, the Government was keen to facilitate the entry and stay in Cameroon. Thus, the procedures for obtaining visas have been facilitated and the application processing time shortened. Any Official who is holder of a diplomatic and service passport shall benefit from courtesy visas. Official delegations made up of players and coaches shall also benefit from courtesy visas. For their part, supporters and fans shall be subjected to the payment of visa fees, whose processing time has been brought down from 72 to 48 hours. Any hotel room booking would suffice instead of the usual invitation letter required for any visa application. 

As for applicants from countries without any Cameroon diplomatic mission or consular post, they could either contact the nearest Cameroon Embassy/High Commission within a reasonable time frame or apply for a Visa on Landing. In order to shun congestion, long waits and frustration at airports, applications for visas on landing should reach MINREX at least one week before the date of arrival.

In the same token, it is worth mentioning that charter flights and private flights are welcome, this, in strict compliance with international air transportation regulations in force.

2 - Arrangements for the Reception of Delegations and Guidance of  Officials

Apart from the Confederation of African Football's reception arrangements at airports, the Ministry of External Relations has a VIP Lounge at the Yaounde-Nsimalen and Douala International Airports. These lounges are meant for senior officials upon their arrival in and departure from Cameroon. Nonetheless, Diplomatic Missions are hereby requested to kindly ensure prior notification of MINREX of the full name, rank and capacity of any dignitary, as well as their flight arrangements so as to enable proper and efficient coordination.

Furthermore, in event of any guest of ministerial rank desiring to visit other competition sites or cities in Cameroon, it is recommended that they communicate their travel plans beforehand, in order to enable adequate protocol and security arrangements to be made thereof.  

3 - Health Provisions

It would be proper complying effectively with laid down health protective protocols everywhere on Cameroonian territory. Delegations are hereby requested to strictly comply with these measures for their protection, our protection! As during the 2020 CHAN, Cameroon would like this competition to take place under the best possible conditions. The rate of transmission is actually under control throughout our country as attested by recent figures from the COVID-19 Pandemic Monitoring Centre, Ministry of Public Health.

Entry into Cameroon territory for any visitor is conditioned by the presentation of a negative PCR test certificate of less than 72 hours. A rapid test shall be carried out on landing by the team of medical staff members of the Ministry of Public Health and the professionals designated by CAF.

CAF has laid down conditions for entry into the competition stadiums, namely the presentation of a valid COVID-19 vaccination booklet and a PCR test of not more than 48 hours as well as the mandatory putting on of a facemask. No exceptions to this requirement shall be tolerated. 136 medical centres are accredited for COVID-19 vaccination within the framework of the 2021 TotalEnergies AFCON. The complete list of said Centres could be consulted on the Website of the Ministry of Public Health.

4 - Purchase of Entry Tickets

It is worth highlighting that the African Cup of Nations is a property of the African Football Confederation, CAF. CAF shall therefore provide a limited number of entry tickets to the countries qualified for the competition. Cameroon, the host country, shall have a very limited number of entry tickets as well. This is to ensure compliance with protective measures and social distancing in any honorary tribune. Thus, courtesy tickets shall not be available.

Those who wish to go to stadiums and watch matches shall have to buy their tickets, which shall be sold both online and in-person. There is available information on 29 (twenty-nine) open ticket-sale points. The final list is yet to be determined by CAF which is still working it out in collaboration with the relevant sports Authorities. Moreover, the ticket purchase website shall soon be operational. MINREX shall therefore communicate this information to you in due course, through a distinct Note Verbale, as soon as possible. Members of the Diplomatic Corps who desire to go to the stadiums are also advised to have their identification documents, entry ticket, vaccination certificate and a negative PCR test result issued less than 72 hours.

5 - Foreign Media Accreditation

With regard to the 2021 AFCON, CAF had already set and published terms and conditions for the pre-accreditation for foreign media ever since 1 November 2021. The terms and conditions do comply with the domestic regulations in force, which are well-known within the sport community. They could be consulted both on the CAF and MINREX websites.

6 - MINREX Arrangements Aimed at Handling Diplomatic and Consular Issues

i - In order to address any diplomatic or consular concerns, delegations and officials shall be provided with a toll-free number, accessible 24/7 throughout the competition. The number is 1524. Solutions to issues related to the competition should be channeled to CAF and the various COCAN commissions accordingly.

ii - In order to ease the movement of members of the Diplomatic Corps wishing to attend the AFCON opening, semi-final and final matches at the Olembe Stadium, MINREX intends to provide a Police-motorized escort. The rally point shall be the MINREX courtyard, at least one and a half hour before any match kick-off. Interested Diplomatic Missions should contact the MINREX Department of Protocol, Ceremonies and Consular Affairs through a Note Verbale or via telephone.

iii - Regarding requests for audience with Cameroonian Authorities, Diplomatic Missions are hereby recommended to notify the Ministry of External Relations as soon as possible, given the busy schedules of the relevant officials throughout the Africa Cup of Nations.

 7 - Security Measures

As part of strides geared at ensuring that the tournament goes on hitch-free and in a cheerful atmosphere for our guest delegations and football fans, some crucial security measures were laid down and enforceable throughout the nation, besides being stepped up on the sites and cities where the matches shall be played. The said security measures shall be keener and shall be further beefed up as from the beginning of this competition at all airports, stadiums, hotels, team training areas, fan zones, sensitive areas as well as routes leading to all AFCON sensitive sites.

Furthermore, multiple exercises to simulate any terrorist attack and/or other public order disturbances were conducted by our security forces on all the sites to test the level of security arrangements thereof. Security forces shall, therefore, be detached for the safety of all Delegations and within hotels.

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