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Under the patronage of H.E The Prime Minister, Head of Government, a Campaign to popularise Commonwealth core Values and Principles in Cameroon was officially launched by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in Charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth- H.E Felix MBAYU, on July 27 2018 in Bamenda, North West Region and on August 9 2018 in Buea, South West Region, Cameroon.
The official launch of the events was attended by over 1000 young people from the North West and South West Regions. Young participants were engaged in the conversation on how the Commonwealth Values could be used in building and sustaining peace by promoting and inculcating the values of respect for the rule of law, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding. These participants, comprised of youth activists, members of Commonwealth Clubs, National Youth Councils and faith based organisations, pledged their commitment towards promoting peace in Cameroon.
During the events, the Minister hailed the efforts of young Cameroonians in promoting sustainable peace and development while reaffirming his commitment to support them in achieving and implementing the core Values of the Commonwealth. The Minister highlighted that:
“From Valetta to London, Mumbai to Singapore, Accra to Yaounde, the youth of the Commonwealth are soaring high and increasingly becoming assets in the development of their countries. Their actions today will determine the type of countries we will have tomorrow. So, it is incumbent on us to ensure that we start talking to one another and not at one another- this being the bedrock of the sustainable peace we so much desire and cherish”.
This campaign is designed to mobilise and empower at least 1 500 000 young people from all the Ten Regions of Cameroon and equip them with lifelong values of Respect for the Rule of Law, Tolerance, Mutual Respect and Understanding, as enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter. It is inspired by the agreement reached by Commonwealth Heads of Government during the just ended CHOGM, which among others stated that:
“Member Countries should take measures to build a more secure, more prosperous, more sustainable and fairer future for all by recognising the role of young people in promoting peace and considering support for youth-led mechanisms that enable the meaningful participation of young people in peace building”.
Cameroon is pioneering a crop of young people who can work towards peace, social cohesion and community fellowship by adopting Commonwealth core Values and Principles, particularly at a moment when the Commonwealth is moving towards a Common Future.
After the official launching ceremonies, the campaign has been successfully carried out in Bertoua- East Region on 13 November 2018 and Ebolowa- South Region on 16 November 2018. The Bertoua and Ebolowa stops incorporated a civil society strengthening component, designed to draw inspiration from the Core Values and Principles of the Commonwealth while positioning the youth at the heart of participatory governance.

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